Our Lady of Gudalupe Religious Articles

Prayer Cards
All prayer cards are printed in full color on plastic (not laminated).  They are extremely durable.  Click on the card so you can read the prayer which is actually printed on the back of the picture.  Mostly English prayers are displayed although Spanish prayers are also available.
Overall dimensions 2.25" x 3.75".
       Pack of 10/$7.50,          25/$17.50            50/$32.50
Let Go & Let God
Item #WH36A.
Prayer to Our Lady       Guadalupe
     Item  #WHB
email me
Item #WH31
Mother of Sorrows
Item #WH32
Our Lady San Juan
Item #WH15
Holy Face -Color
Item #WH5
St Joseph
Item #WH22
OL Czesochowa
Item #WH11
OL Perpetual Help
Item #WH14
Prayer Before A Crucifix
Item #WH3.
St Joseph
Item #WH23.
Holy Face  B/W
Item #WH4
Our Lady Fatima
Angels Prayer
Item #WH12A
Sacred Heart Promises
Item #WH29
Sacred Heart
Act of Consecration
Item #WH30
Holy Child of Atocha
Item #WHS3
Memorial Card For Those Who Loved Me
Item #WH49
Item #WH1
Divine Child
Item #WH41
Prayer to Our Lady       Guadalupe
     Item  #WH10
Juan Diego Tilma         Our Lady of              Guadalupe 
     Item  #WH8
Prayer to Our Lady       Guadalupe Abortion Prayer
     Item  #WH42
   Sacred Heart Chaplet of Mercy 
     Item  #WHC
Sacred Heart 
Item #WH28
Holy Spirit Daily Consecration
Item #WH6
St Jude
Item #WH24
St Michael
Item #WH27
Seven Graces
Item #WH40
Prayer of the Sick
Item #WH45
Prayer for Family Harmonyl
Item #WH50
Hail Holy Queen
Item #WH51

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