Our Lady of Gudalupe Religious Articles
#WB1 Juan Diego
#WB2 OL San Juan
#WB3 OL Guadalupe
#WB4 Sacred Heart
#WB5 OL Guadalupe
#WB6 Quen of Angels.
#WB7 St Pio.

Religious Pins/Badges
All badges are metal and have a safety pin back that can be pinned to clothing.  All have a four-color print on the face which is covered with a plastic coating..
The rectangular badges are about 1.75" wide x 2.75" long.
Each badge is $1.75                OR
10/$14          25/$30
HOW TO ORDER -               Click the link below to order. Tell us the item you want, how many you want and the zip code where it is to be mailed.  We will email you an invoice which you can pay using any credit card.

                            If you prefer, call 915-594-1903 and leave a message.

We will respond to your questions.  Our service is extremely rapid and we guarantee your complete satisfaction or your money back.

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Safety pin back